I've spent a lifetime working on furniture - and it isn’t over yet. At the age of 14, I had a part-time job working for a fine arts dealer. One day she sent me out with an antique Queen Anne rosewood chair (the surface covered with smoke and soot) and a bucket of denatured alcohol. As I washed it down, the gunk drizzled off and revealed gleaming rosewood underneath. My life was forever changed.
  Since then I've learned a wide variety of skills not only in woodworking, but in finishing.

  Most people fall into one or the other - but rarely both. I'm a curious blend, I suppose!


Teri is one of only two women featured on the cover of
Fine Woodworking Magazine

Fine Woodworking MagazineIssue #163, 06/03
  I've also spent years building “new antiques”. When I find an old piece that's a delight in proportion, wood selection, and style, I reproduce it with my own spin. I've developed a gallery of Queen Anne, Chippendale, and Federal pieces that are available by order.
Home in Maine Rendering of the store & home
in New Hampshire
I will always love Early American style - particularly after living in New Hampshire.
But now that I live in New Mexico, I find myself drawn to the Arts & Crafts style as well. I love tiger maple!
NM Home
Home & workshop in
New Mexico
  Contracted restoration along with my own original work fill my days. Still, after 39 years, I can’t resist a broken jewel that rises like a phoenix to its former glorious self with a little elbow grease!
   I am an unusual example of work and life with no discernible separation. It’s a past life thing, I'm sure.
Class Photo As for the present, I've found joy in teaching what I have gained over the years.
I've discovered that teaching is great fun and I seem to learn the most. Some of the students even pass on the task of finishing their new creations to me!

  These days it seems there are fewer and fewer kindred souls. My students often ask incredulously, “You actually make a living at this?” My answer is yes, of course, but I feel a bit like a dinosaur. Where are the folks for me to pass on my skills? Unfortunately, most are at Walmart... buying and filling up empty souls and carts of things that will never be old gracious jewels loved long after Walmart is gone. I hope to find more kindred souls!
     I'm sure I'll start another book project soon - along with my usual pile of other projects. I'll have to live a long time to finish all of them!

~ Teri